What Is The Difference Between Overweight And Obese

Having little extra fat in your body is completely different from having a lot of excess fat – and it doesn’t affect you in the same way so what is the difference between overweight and obese.

Knowing the difference between overweight and obese can bring you relief if you learn that you are only overweight, but possibly could make you feel miserable if you have already reached the point of obesity.

Read on to learn about the difference and how I was able to overcome my unhealthy eating habits and finally drop those extra pounds…

Hi. My name is Danial, and I am here to share a story with you today.

Since my teenage years, I’ve never been the skinny one in class or the one with a body that everyone dreams of.

Instead, I was the one with a little extra fat here-and-there, dreaming about having a slender body.

I never reached a point where I became uncomfortably “fat” or overweight, but I remember constantly feeling depressed about my appearance.

Fast-forward time a couple of years and I had my first child at the age of 26.

After my pregnancy, things went a little south for me. Even though I continuously told myself that I had to do something about my weight, I kind of let it go after I became a mom.

I didn’t watch my weight and soon found the pounds starting to pack on.

I’ll be honest here – I was too focused on being a mom than watching my weight, which led to a very unfortunate visit to my doctor.

You see, just a couple of months ago, I started to experience problems with my respiratory system.

Breathing slowly started to become harder and even wheezy. I started to feel more depressed. I was tired all the time.

I decided to pay my doctor a visit, and we had a long conversion – turns out I wasn’t simply overweight anymore, but rather obese.

I didn’t really understand what he meant at first, but when my doctor explained to me the difference between overweight and obese, I knew I was in trouble.

There are approximately 1.9 billion people (adults) in the world who are overweight. In addition to this statistic, an estimated 650 million adults are obese.

The difference between the two is the extent of the extra weight in the body.

When your BMI (an index they use to determine how much extra you weigh, compared to the weight that is considered healthy for your gender, height, age, and body type) is lower than 30 but higher than 25, then you are overweight.

As soon as your BMI reaches 30, then you have become obese.

The moment you are obese, things get more serious. This is when your weight starts to affect your health.

Obesity causes respiratory problems (that one I can attest to!).

It also causes problems with your heart, increases your risk of having a stroke or even a heart attack.

Obesity is also linked to diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, osteoarthritis, and more.

The Search For A Solution

After finding out that I was obese, and understanding the difference between overweight and obese, I decided that it was time for some drastic change.

The problem is, I have tried many diets in the past – yet I just discovered that I am obese, so those diets obviously did nothing for me.

I talked to my doctor, and he advised me that I needed to make important lifestyle changes.

He did tell me that there is a prescription drug I could take, but that is something I preferred to keep as a last resort.

After some research into the right lifestyle changes, I found out what I had to do to lose weight.

Essentially, to lose weight, I had to control my daily calorie intake and become more physically active.

The goal would be to eat fewer calories than I burn during exercise.

While this was useful information, it didn’t provide me with a roadmap to losing weight, but only a basic guideline.

That is when I discovered a program called The 2-Week Diet – after browsing on Facebook and seeing it pop up on my timeline.

I’ve done these types of diets before without success – but this one claimed to be good even if previous diets failed, and it came with a guarantee, so I really didn’t have anything to lose. If you are looking for ways to help you eat less I recommend you take a look at one of our articles on how to stop eating so much. A great guide for beginners.

The 2-Week Diet

I read through the landing page of The 2-Week Diet, and I was convinced.

The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and I only paid $37. Boy, am I glad that I hit that “Add to Cart” button.

I was given downloadable PDF ebooks instantly after I paid and started to follow the guidance provided by these ebooks.

The program was laid out almost like a course – and it really gave me that “roadmap” to weight loss that I was looking for.

The 2-Week Diet is a program that consists of four different modules, each nicely compiled into a separate ebook that you can download immediately after purchase and start to follow.

  • The Launch Handbook

The first module explains the science behind picking up weight and losing excess weight in the body. It offers a series of steps that you can follow in order to burn fat – including fat that seems too stubborn to go away.

I really liked the fact that this module looked at weight loss and even weight gain from a scientific point of view.

  • The Diet Handbook

The second module is unique. It offers a complete overview of how diets need to be personalized in order to be successful.

The handbook also provides details of how to know what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat for the two weeks that you are going to be changing your life.

  • The Activity Handbook

Diet alone is often not enough to get you to your goals.

The Activity handbook offers advice on simple activities that you can do at home, as well as a complete workout program if you prefer to go to the gym.

The module advises you to have workouts included in your schedule on three or four days of each week.

Implementing these activities can really give you that extra “kick” you need to lose weight.

  • The Motivation Handbook

A final motivational module is also included. For me, this was a really great module as I know that I have lost my motivation with almost all of the diets I have followed in the past.

The idea of this module is to help keep you motivated through the two weeks that you are going to be following the plan, as well as to help keep you motivated after that – so that you can continue with a new lifestyle and keep the weight off for good.

Good reads: Click this link to watch a special presentation about the 2 Week Diet – It’s NOT what you think… Watch the video now!

Final Words

After a visit to my doctor following a respiratory event, I discovered the difference between overweight and obese lies in the fact that obesity has a much more serious impact on my health.

I knew that I had to lose weight to avoid the many potential complications of obesity – which is when I discovered The 2-Week Diet program.

After buying the program and following its advice, I was able to lose weight and feel better.

After the two weeks, making important changes in my lifestyle felt much easier –, and today I am happy to say that I am neither overweight or obese.

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