What Is A Healthy Amount Of Weight To Lose Per Week?

Losing weight is a vital part of becoming healthy for people who are obese, but when weight is reduced too quickly, it can lead to more bad than good.

Understanding what is a healthy amount of weight to lose per week is important to avoid potential complications, such as losing excessive amounts of water or causing a deterioration in muscle.

Continue reading to learn how I suffered from losing weight too quickly and to learn how I discovered a safe and effective way to lose weight permanently with no risks attached.

Hi there… I’m Danial. I have spent more than two decades of my life as an obese person.

Obesity is a great concern over the entire world.

People are facing many health problems due to excessive amounts of fat being stored in their bodies.

Obesity is known to contribute to diseases that cause early death.

The diseases linked to obesity include fatty liver disease, osteoarthritis, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, sleep apnea, and strokes.

Even though many physiological health risks are associated with obesity, for me it was the depression and anxiety that really got to me.

I felt extremely self-conscious about my weight.

When I spent time with my friends, I would always admire their slender physiques – while I was the “fatty” in the group.

I became obsessed with the fact that I had to lose weight. I hated myself for gaining so much excess weight.

This all caused me to turn to every product and diet that promised fast and dramatic results.

I didn’t care about anything except to lose my tummy and my love handles and to join the ranks of my friends with their slender and slim physiques.

The rapid weight loss programs I followed caused me to suffer from dehydration. I started to lose muscle mass.

I started to suffer from nutritional deficiencies. I am using the word “suffer” because that best describes how I really felt.

I also discovered that rapid weight loss causes an increased risk in the development of gallstones.

Apart from these complications, I also frequently experienced headaches, I was irritated all the time, and my hair started falling out – a little at a time, but I noticed it.

I sometimes became dizzy because I had to starve myself on these diets.

Fatigue became my worst enemy.

I eventually decided to stop following these rapid weight loss diets, only to gain back all of that weight I lost – and a little extra on top of that…

Uncovering A Safer Way To Lose Weight

After losing weight quickly, experiencing dreadful side-effects, and then gaining back the weight, I decided that I had to take a completely different approach.

I did a lot of research to determine what is a safe amount of weight to lose per week and to then adopt a weight management program that would offer me a safer way to become healthy and overcome my obesity.

I found out that going the safe route means aiming for about two pounds of weight loss per week.

While this is a relatively small amount, it would give me an opportunity to adopt healthier lifestyle choices and to gradually reach a number of the scale that I feel more comfortable with.

Yet, it would take me more than a couple of weeks to achieve my weight loss goals – but after experiencing dreadful side-effects from rapid weight loss.

I knew that this was the most appropriate way for me to stop feeling depressed about how much I weighed and how I looked in the mirror.

I’ll be honest here – I was determined to start losing weight in a healthy way, but I did not have a clue how to do so.

For all the years of dieting, I have only followed plans that instructed me to starve myself.

To cut back on almost all foods. So I didn’t really know how to start eating healthily in a way that I would also lose weight.

This is what led me to the discovery of a weight management plan called the 2-Week Diet.

Even though promoted as a diet that lets you lose weight in two weeks, I learned that the program focused on educating the customer in adopting the right lifestyle choices and changes to last them a lifetime.

How The 2-Week Diet Helped Me

I did a quick read through the official website of the 2-Week diet, and I noticed that the program seemed to hold a lot of potentials. This is what made me hit the purchase button and buy the program.

I most certainly do not regret buying this program. After I made the purchase, I was instantly emailed links to the PDF documents that come with the program.

What is unique about the 2-Week Diet is the fact that it takes a scientific approach to weight loss.

This, in turn, helps you lose weight relatively quickly, but, at the same time, ensures you do not harm your body.

Thus, while you will not lose ten or 20 pounds in the two week period that the program primarily focuses on, you will be able to lose a noticeable amount of weight without experiencing the problematic side-effects that often comes with rapid weight loss.

During the two weeks that you will be following this diet, you should lose approximately six pounds. I was able to lose 5.6 pounds in the time period.

Some people will lose more weight and others may not lose as much weight.

Even though it seems like only a little weight, I was able to go down two dress sized by the end of the two weeks that I participated in the program that is provided by the 2-Week Diet.

In addition to focusing on fat burning techniques that are based on science, the 2-Week program also provides additional benefits.

These benefits include:

  • You will find that your cellulite starts to reduce as you burn fat and participate in the exercises that you are introduced to by the program.
  • Your metabolism is improved, which means your body is basically turned into a fat burning machine, even when you are not actively moving.
  • Your cholesterol levels will start to improve. “Good” cholesterol levels will increase, while “Bad” cholesterol levels will decline, making you less likely to experience a heart attack or stroke.
  • You will experience a surge in your energy levels. You’ll go from feeling tired all the time and experiencing fatigue to getting up faster and easier in the morning and lasting through the entire day without becoming tired.
  • Your muscle mass will increase, which is a vital part of improving the tone of your body. When your muscle mass increases, your body becomes sculpted and toned, which looks better. Muscle mass is also beneficial for your health and further helps to burn fat.
  • Your skin will start to look better due to the many healthy foods that you will start to eat while you are following the diet plan and participating in the workouts. In addition to your skin, you will also notice that your hair starts to grow faster, does not fall out as much, as looks shinier.

The program starts with the Launch Handbook, a document that gives you a scientific overweight of what happens to the body when you gain weight and why obesity is so dangerous.

The document also tells you, from a scientific perspective, what happens in your body when you lose weight and how it benefits you.

The Launch Handbook also uncovers some of the weight loss secrets known by the gurus and pros.

The Diet Handbook and the Activity Handbook are the main documents of the program.

The Diet Handbook will introduce you to the foods that you need to eat during the two-week program, as well as help you understand what foods you should include in your diet and what foods you should always try to avoid.

The Activity Handbook introduces you to a range of workout routines that you can perform at home or the gym to help speed up your results, burn faster, and increase your muscle mass.

The program also comes with a Motivation Handbook that helps you understand how you can keep your motivation levels high, even when you do not experience the results you expect.

The 2-Week Diet costs $37, which really is less than a monthly subscription at your local gym. You also get access to a 60-day guarantee.

If you don’t experience results when you follow the program, then you get a refund on your purchase.


While losing weight is an essential part of avoiding the terrible effects of obesity, rapid weight loss causes a lot of disastrous complications, including dehydration and malnutrition.

After I suffered from these problems, along with fatigue, headaches, and more following rapid weight loss, I stopped my frequent dieting and gained back a lot of weight.

I discovered the 2-Week Diet then, which gave me the skills I needed to develop healthier eating plans for myself, along with a complete workout routine, that has helped me reach my goal weight and remain at a healthy weight ever since.

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